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About Me

 I am Karen Maalouf and my passion for fitness runs deep from my own personal experience.

I began my fitness journey with the intent to lose unwanted weight from my younger teens. For years, I experimented with multiple fad diets, desperate to find one that would work. Sure enough, I would get the results promised quickly but, rebound even quicker.

I have felt the frustration of being uncomfortable in my own skin and feeling helpless. I too, would wonder how so many people around me were able to eat without restrictions and still look the way they did.

Now that I have conquered the formula to a sustainable fitness lifestyle, I want to share it with you! 

As a certified fitness professional, I coach my clients through a sustainable journey without any restrictions. Both my online/in-person programs concentrate on nutritional coaching and weightlifting/reshaping the body. 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

FMS Level 1 & 2 Certifications 

NASM Corrective exercise specialist (Loading)

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